By Blair Ball

Social Media is changing the way people see, communicate and do business. From the smallest business to the Fortune 100, everyone has an opportunity to…

  • Improve and expand Brand Awareness.
  • Reach a wider audience than ever before.
  • Communicate faster with your client.


1. You will see small companies starting to realize that social media is also important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Companies will begin to understand that social, content, and SEO are linked and more integrated than ever.”

2. Small businesses will start seeing social media more as a tool and less as an entity unto itself.  Instead of asking what social media is, they will ask how they should be using it and why.  In the end, this will increase the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts.” and improve their odds of not being left behind in a faster paced business world.

3. Content is the new media of exchange No content, no clients, engaging content = more clients. Current clients will be wooed by competitors who execute their content strategy better than the competition.

4. Businesses of all sizes are now increasing budgets for Social Media Content and Marketing. Small Business to have the largest increase.

5. Brands will need to understand what it takes to do visual marketing well. Photos and Video will continue to dominate in telling your story and engage new clients.

6. Greater integration of social media into all marketing practices so it becomes a part of everyday business. More employees will be engaged. Example Zappos has over 1,000 employees all with a Twitter account. Each one of them is engaging clients daily as well as expanding their brand awareness.

7. Google+ and Google+ Local will continue to accelerate. Local businesses that get on board now will have first mover advantage. Those that wait will find it hard to catch up. Google+ has now surpassed 500 million users. Google will continue to integrate everything Google into Google+. Apps, Android, Picasa, Doc, Drive, etc.

8.Mobile is an effective brand building tool for small business given its powerful ability to Geo-target consumers and promote local sales.  In 2013, we will see a focus on quick, easy and highly visual apps, including Instagram, Foursquare, Viddly, Cinemagram and Keek.

9. Facebook will roll out more ad features as well as other tools to engage your clients. Timeline will change again.
Facebook will continue to push the privacy envelope and use your data to specifically target ads.
Continuous changes to gain additional revenue to find what works that satisfy investors now that they are public.

10. More self-pay commerce apps being used (PayPal Here, Square, GoPayment). Cash registers will be old school and a thing of the past.

11. Twitter will tweak their algorithm based upon your influence and engagement. Using this data to better target, expect an ad campaign roll out.

My Challenge to You…

Explode out of the blocks in 2013, and make it the best year you’ve ever had. Develop Success Social Media Marketing Skills!

No excuses!

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