By Blair Ball


I use to be more of a late adopter to technology and social media trends. Times change, and I had to change with it.

  • Are things moving faster today or slower?
  • Has the pace of change accelerated?


When I first heard of Google+, my first reaction was NO…Not another Social Media Networking Site!

Who’s got time for this? To learn? To apply?



Then I came to my senses and realized…hey these are the same guys who control the search engine market. Right?

If I want to be found personally or professionally then, Google+ is the Social Networking Site to check out.  So, I became a student and I got into the Google+ game. MySocial Media Footprint has grown tremendously since getting into  Google+, and yours can grow too.

Let’s explore the reasons and benefits of Google+. I think fear holds a lot of people back in life, and Social Media Marketing is no exception. I heard it all…it’s for the younger kids, I’m too old to learn, I’m too old to change. Well, the reality is we become what we think about, how we talk to ourselves, which ultimately make up our image.

1. Search – Google+ is replacing the yellow pages, and traditional advertising.

2. Google+ Local– If you have a store front business it is CRITICAL that you be on Google+. Google+Local is integrated into Search, Maps and mobile and available as a new tab in Google+, thus creating “one simple experience across Google.”

What’s the difference between Google Places and Google+Local?

The Local pages are more like company Facebook pages and interact with Google Maps, Zagat reviews and Google+, and the Local pages will also be indexed by search engines, whereas the Google Places pages were not. The biggest benefit of Google+Local for businesses by far is that your business has the ability to be found by many more people in the local area when they conduct a Google search.

3. Index – new content lighting fast. If you share new content on Google+, chances are that Google will index the page very quickly. Rumor has it that new URLs are crawled almost instantly.

4. Influencers – Connect with influencers! Google+ lists 17 different notification triggers that can help you connect with influencers in your industry. Depending on the individual’s account settings, these notifications can take the form of an email, phone SMS, or the omnipresent red Google notification bar.

5. Hangouts. This is just plain awesome. You can do a Video Chat with up to 10 friends, co-workers, grand kids, have meetings and all get to see each other on screenALL FOR FREE! You can have more than 10, but only you +9 others will be seen on screen.

6. Be an awesome (Late) early adopter. There’s still time. Folks are catching on. Yes, early adopters win the day.

You can do Google+ in less than 10 minutes a day. This means creating a few simple habits to fit it into your work flow.

  • Press the +1 button to spread share worthy comment
  • …  add comments on the truly great stuff
  • Add +1 Buttons on Your Own Content
  • Engage / Comment / Reshare / Start a Hangout / Create an Event
  • Circle Great People
  • Make it Easy for People to Circle You…

So Get Into the Google+ Game

Founder Prepare1 | Social Media Coach
Prepare1 – Social Media Coach
Blair Evan Ball