Look at any industry today and you’ll see why this is so crucial. Look at individuals marketing and branding themselves. Look at how companies and individuals are using Social Media.

Just about every company in a given market niche does things the same way.

That’s why their services and products, their marketing strategies, their social media marketing, their ads, and other sales messages are all nearly identical.

Does this explain why many consumers have come to believe that one company, and it’s product or service is as good as another’s?

 Why blame them?

In a copycat world like we live in, how is the consumer supposed to figure out which product or servicereally is superior and which isn’t?

And when you join your competitors in this folly you simply disappear from your market’s radar screen.

  • You blend in with the the background, you become INVISIBLE.
  • So why does doing things differently and trying to stand our feel so awkward?
  • We’ve been conditioned since birth to go along and follow.
  • While your competitors continue doing their level-best to look and sound like each other…
  • And while they continue shrinking from the spotlight or doing anything to differentiate themselves as leaders in your market…

You have the opportunity to blow them all away by following these simple steps….

1. Gain your Market’s Trust

  • Clearly articulate your market’s hopes, fears, and problems. Feel it’s pain…identify gaps in products, services and quality. State the problem better than anyone else.

2. Establish Your Persona

  • Memorable personality traits that make you more human and familiar in the eyes (and more importantly the minds) of the marketplace anchor your persona in the minds of your market.

3. Vision for the Marketplace

  • Why does the company exist? What is your ultimate goal? What makes you and your company unique? What’s the dream/cause that others want to be part of?

4. Communications Channel

  • The communication channels that the marketplace grows accustomed to when receiving information from you? Social Media Networking is spreading like wildfire, and changes daily. Used effectively can propel your business to unknown heights.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Blogging
  • Pinterest

5. Customer Evangelists

  • Social Media Platforms, strategies and techniques to motivate your customers to spread the good news of your superior product or service.

6. Mentors and Coaches

  • The coaches who understand how to anchor you in the minds of your prospects as the preeminent authority and trusted advisor in your niche.

7. Content Producer

  • In the new Social Media World, you are your own Media Company. You can produce videos, articles, press releases, ads, all at lightning speed. You can create your own brand awareness, you can propel you and your business forward

Get in the Game
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