By Alex Carter

As Twitter continues to transform from generational fad to viable medium of communication, businesses across all industries are learning to make the most of the 140 characters. Many traditional media experts have attempted, to no avail, to apply tried-and-true communication principles as they engineer a Twitter strategy.

The goals of brand establishment haven’t changed, but new roads by which to meet them are evolving in real-time. When it comes to Twitter, businesses have rolled the dice and put their brand on the line. But when you gamble, one constant holds true: the house always wins.

Here are some thoughts to consider as your business attempts to stop gambling and start strategizing to beat the house.

The Field is Level

Within the droves of gigabytes and servers, quality content has emerged as the king of the cyber realm. A fresh look, which used to indicate that a business could afford designers, can be established online in minutes for millions to see. It’s impossible for one person to sift through all of this cyber content, so it’s no wonder like-minded entrepreneurs have banned together to raise quality content to the top. Twitter is perhaps the most relevant content aggregator at the moment, and its DNA is simple, leaving little room for fluff.

To boost their cash flow, businesses must adapt their brand outreach strategy to an audience on the go. A potential customer or client on Twitter is unlikely to notice someone telling them how they will feel if they try a product or service, but if you demonstrate the output of your business in a unique way, the legitimate nature of the content may catch attention.

Use What They Give You

Businesses must establish their Twitter identity within the platform’s specification, meaning every opportunity to relay your business brand must be skillfully utilized. A profile picture may not be the focal point of a Twitter page, but Twitter accounts with profile pictures have more than ten times the followers than those without on average, according to Hubspot.

Twitter bios, which are limited to 160 characters, give you the opportunity to relay your brand message in a succinct manner. A focused, professional bio puts your business’ best foot forward. You may only get two cards in “Texas hold’ em,” but those cards can win you a big pot if you use them correctly. Focus on quality and accuracy as you establish your brand within Twitter’s limitations.

Interaction is Encouraged

Social media marketing’s most distinct characteristic is the two-way avenue of communication available to the business and consumer. While traditional marketing methods pitch products from behind a glass case, Twitter enables all users to speak at the same volume. Many businesses have improved their brand image and customer loyalty by responding to complaints on Twitter. According to Evolve24, 83 percent of Twitter users who complained about a product and received a follow-up from the company liked or loved hearing from the company.

Like the hidden cameras on the casino floors, someone is always watching as you deal with customers on Twitter. Be professional and timely in your response and you’ll stay in the game.

About The Author
Alex Carter A graphic design artist and programmer, Alex shares his tips and ideas with other design geeks through his various blogs.