Original Date Posted: Nov 16, 2012
By Blair Ball

The Strategy of Preeminence

Why do some people gain levels of success so much higher than others?

  • Frequently it is due to the fact they have a better strategy.
  • They approach everyone they deal with in a more effective and totally different way.


While your competitors are usually unable to figure out this strategy, it is one anyone in business can employ successfully by simple change his or her focus.

  •  The simple change is…from ME to YOU.”

This is true whether you are an employee, own your own business, or work for a large corporation.

That is the Strategy of Preeminence.

Quite simply it is the ability to put your clients’ needs always ahead of your own. When you become master of this strategy, success will follow.

It’s counterintuitive…that is the reason so many businesses are unremarkable, unmemorable, and ultimately, unsuccessful.

Consider the definitions of these two words:

Customer: A person who purchases a commodity or service.

Client: A person who is under the protection of another.


If you use the word customers, that’s OK. But always think of them as clients. And when you start toserve clients rather than sell clients, the limits on your business success will disappear.

  • It’s about knowing what to do (and why), in a clarified way that no others can match.
  • It’s about thinking so powerfully, masterfully, successfully that you totally infuriate your competition.
  • It’s about refusing to let this tumultuous and down economy or ruthless competition define or control you.
  • It’s about how you think and perceive your business at a penetrating level.
  • It’s about seeing opportunities and options in ways no one else does – or can.

A successful business starts not with just a great idea, product or service. It starts with the desire to provide a solution to another’s problem. In doing so you enrich your own life and the lives of those around you, your family and employees or employers, by enriching the lives of your CLIENTS.


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