Original Date Posted: Jun 26, 2012
By Susan Lane

One very big question each person should consider is “What are my family responsibilities?” Someone with no parents, spouse or children need not consider this but most of us have other people who care for us and whose lives are intertwined with ours.  Entering business as an owner will be time and energy consuming. Unless you realize what conflicts to expect from family and friends, pressures from the ones who care for us can be mentally draining. Do you have a spouse and children who make demands on your time, not understanding what it takes to start and grow a business? Do you have elderly parents for whom you are responsible? Will your close friendships survive if you are not around when needed? How important are relationships to you? What will happen when you miss a school play because a rush order came in and must be filled and delivered at once so you can pay your rent? What will happen when you must miss your anniversary dinner or the weekly golf game with friends? Every successful entrepreneur knows these things do happen and frequently, especially during start ups and often cause friction in a household.

Each of us must stop and appraise every element of our lives before stepping into any serious business venture. Anyone who hasn’t owned a business before can have no idea of the changes which will occur when your livelihood is on the line every day and customers MUST come first if you are to succeed. Our families and friends will understand for a while, but over long periods of time, resentments can develop, even from those who love us dearly. The drive and determination to succeed must become the greatest force in our lives if success is to come.

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