By Blair Ball

Mobile is exploding, people of all ages are using mobile to shop for products and services daily.

Do you have a mobile presence?

Do you have the pulse on the mobile generation?

Small Businesses are realizing that mobile is “NOW”, not “tomorrow” – early adopters will win, and late adopters will fall further behind.

 Where should your small business jump in?

  1. Have a Mobile Site.
  2. Optimize the site for Mobile.
  3. Consider Mobile advertisements.
  4. Allow consumers to pay with a mobile app such as Square or PayPal. These devices can be attached to your mobile phone to accept payments right on the spot.

Mobile Marketing Statistics

  • Globally mobile outnumbers people.
  • iPhone sales outpace births.
  • 90% of all Tweets from Twitter are mobile.
  • Companies are spending less than 1% on mobile.
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to action in one hour.
  • Google Mobile searches are up 400%.
  • GEO positioning, marketing by your location is up 81% Year over Year.
  • More than 1/3 of all photos taken are now on a smartphone.
  • By 2014 Mobile Internet usage should overtake desktop usage.
  • 200 Million YouTube views daily on a mobile phone.
  • Last years teens increased their data consumption by 240%. Just ask any parent who has to pay their mobile bill.

People are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. This new Social Media Marketing world consists of terms like smartphones, SEO, mobile sites, geolocation, and social marketing. As individuals and owners we have to understand these new types of consumers and how best to reach them. Technologies like geolocation and mobile tagging can help us better understand the mobile consumer and deliver more relevant messages.

How do you plan to use Mobile going forward?
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