October 27:  QuickBooks Online for Recordkeeping, Bookkeeping and Taxes:  WEBINAR RECORDING (33.r!4vg).

October 26:  LIVE Women in Business Networking Event:  WEBINAR RECORDING (ejn1YK!J)  SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

October 19:  So You Want to Start a Business:  WEBINAR RECORDING (?4I#!LSE)  SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

October 14:  Cyber Security:  WEBINAR RECORDING (passcode ju0SVK%B)  SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

October 7:  Beginner's Guide to Crowd-Sourcing:  WEBINAR RECORDING (passcode U4V+2zBE)  SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

October 5:  How to Raise Money for Non-Profits:  WEBINAR RECORDING (passcode NYZjnm4%)  SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

September 29: E-mail Marketing for Small Businesses: WEBINAR RECORDING (passcode g5#ynC!3)

September 15:  So You Want to Start a Business:  WEBINAR RECORDING (passcode kY3#k$q9)  SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

September 14:  LinkedIn and Twitter:  Make These Social Media Platforms Work for You:  WEBINAR RECORDING (passcode R5.wa@3W)  SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

September 8:  Facebook and Instagram:  Making These Social Media Platforms Work for You:  WEBINAR RECORDING  (passcode 2RCx&Ry4)  SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

September 1:  Social Media 101:  A Simple Recipe for Success:  WEBINAR RECORDING  (passcode gMMF4Jh&) SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

August 25:  Roundtable:  Running a Successful Non-Profit:  WEBINAR RECORDING (passcode Q7WX9!ZF)

Aug. 11: Everything You Wanted to Know About Non-Profits: WEBINAR RECORDING (password U#f5x#uC) SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

August 5: Basics of Grant-Writing for Non-Profits: WEBINAR RECORDING (password +$Lz6zX0). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

August 3: So You Want to Start a Business:  WEBINAR RECORDING (password 8U@4!^%u)  SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

July 28: An Easier Way to Prepare Your Business Plan: WEBINAR RECORDING (password 8sUZ%&R3) SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

July 20: Simple Steps to Start Your Business, Step 2: Business Concepts: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is Fpn#z0#n). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

July 14:  Simple Steps to Start Your Business, Step 1:  Basics:  WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 2wy!4+5n).   SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

July 6: So You Want to Start a Business: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is %Jb2yO99). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

June 23: Four Things Your Small Business Needs to Focus on: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is %K.22MLY). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

June 17: Help Your Employees Grow with Personal Development Plans: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is S4=nPKK4). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

June 9: Leadership for Your Successful Small Business: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is $eNTL1Q2). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

June 3: Create Your Own Professional Development Plan: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is C6=42@bX). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

May 27: Components of a Good Website: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is y$*sRF25). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

May 25: How to Start an Online Business: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 4$NS=LST)

May 18: So You Want to Start a Business: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 7TbUg%g2). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

May 12: Protecting Your Intellectual Property: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is .f.28OFf) (NOTE: There is a PERIOD at the start of the password). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

May 6: Legal Issues: Things Small Businesses Need to Avoid: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 24#f6Z%V) SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

April 28: Increasing Your Visibility on Seach Engines: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is sZ0w?P.R) SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

April 20: So You Want to Start a Business: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is !gp@F2#d). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

April 14: Franchising, fact and fiction: SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION. (NOTE: Technical problems prevented this session from being recorded. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

April 6: Gaining customers and referrals through podcasting: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 01.WSxr=). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

March 31: Effective E-mail Marketing for Small Businesses: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 9LT@PZ5Z). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION NOT AVAILABLE.

March 30: So You Want to Start a Business: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is dkB*w1$u). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

March 24: Blogging for Beginners: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is DT?H2B&k). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

March 18: LinkedIn and Twitter: Making These Social Media Platforms Work for You: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is j@PNG6Ju) SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

March 10: Facebook and Instagram: Making These Social Media Platforms Work for You: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is n+d@.6L!) SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

March 2: Social Media 101: A simple recipe for success: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 4^#wQ*e@). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

Feb. 24: Using QuickBooks Desktop for Recordkeeping, Bookkeeping and Taxes: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is Y6LE3$Q0)

Feb. 18: Using QuickBooks Online for Recordkeeping, Bookkeeping and Taxes: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 5!Y4LrT*). 

Feb. 10: Tax Planning for Small Businesses: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is W+46iA1k) SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION 

Feb. 4: Non-Bank Alternatives for Getting Financing: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is k3T?w0@o) SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

Feb. 2: Access to Capital 101: Funding options to start and grow your business. WEBINAR RECORDING (password is #HZVT0Lc) SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

Jan. 27: Business Model Canvas. WEBINAR RECORDING (password is Fsk=x7F$). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION 

Jan. 13: SIMPLE STEPS 2, The Basics of Business Plans. WEBINAR RECORDING (password is LA3q#55i) (NOTE: Recording joined in progress because of technical glitch). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION






Dec. 17: Grow Your Business with Google. SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

Dec. 3: Changing how we look at Cybersecurity. WEBINAR RECORDING (password is $U503dPP). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION. WEBSITES TO VIEW.

Nov. 11: What makes a good website. WEBINAR RECORDING (password is hrLt.z00). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

Oct. 14 Special Event

   Session 1: Mastering Small Business Essentials by R.G. Lineberry

   Session 2a: Financing from a traditional bank by Howie Gober

   Session 2b: Financing from an alternative lending source by Gary Moore

   Session 3: Marketing by Dave Krieger


Sept. 15: Managing Your Time: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is a6m$$Aye). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION 

Sept. 9: Simple Steps 4, Marketing: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 5j%=+s$L). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

Aug. 26: Simple Steps 3, Financing: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is J9=ZaN%*). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

Aug. 12: Simple Steps 2, Business Plan Basics: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is n=6p1A!J). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION and SAMPLE BUSINESS PLAN

July 22: Simple Steps 1, Learning the basics: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is qpCV&ha9). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

July 14: Taxes and Record Keeping with QuickBooks Desktop: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 4w^!1!ua). To download the slideshow presentation, click on the link for July 8's webinar.

July 8: QuickBooks Online for Record Keeping, Bookkeeping and taxes: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 3Y@B3440). DOWNLOAD SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

June 10: Edit Protecting Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks in COVID-19 Era: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 1g^$4H7k). DOWNLOAD SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

May 27: Building resilience while facing COVID-19: WEBINAR RECORDING (password is 6E#6N6MV). DOWNLOAD SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION

May 7: What makes a good website: Webinar recording (password is 0y@Cp852). SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION.

March 2: Simple Steps Part 5 - (Hiring)  Link to ComplyRight Guide

Jan. 6: Simple Steps Part 1 (Starting your business)


Oct. 16: Slideshows from our Boot Camp

   Business Plan Basics

   Getting Financing

   Guide to Marketing

   Developing a Good Website

Sept. 21: Business Plan Basics

Aug. 5, 2019: Franchising: How to Choose and Buy the Right Franchise

July 25, 2019: Tennessee Tax Law Compliance

April 1, 2019: ADP Payroll and HR solutions

March 21, 2019: Simple Steps (4) - Marketing

March 7, 2019: Simple Steps (5) - What You Should Know About Contracts and H.R.

Feb. 21, 2019: Reach Customers Online With Google

Feb. 4, 2019: Simple Steps (3) - Accessing Capital

Jan. 24, 2019: Simple Steps (2) - Building a Business Plan 

Jan. 17, 2019: Simple Steps (1) to Starting Your Business


1. Crowdfunding 101

2. How to Start a Non-Profit

3. Build Your Total Online Presence Using Social Media

4. Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and NDA's

5. Small Business Boot Camp 2017

6. Small Enterprise Symposium Presentations

7. Everything You Need to Know About Non-Profits  

8. June 21, 2018: Why You Should Be Spending Money On Social Media 

9. March 5, 2017: ADP for Small Business: payroll, human resources, tax and benefit administration 

10. Simple Steps (3) Finance

11. July 19, 2018: Tennessee Tax Law Compliance for Small Business 

12. July 12, 2018: Franchising Fact and Fiction  

13. Oct. 17, 2018: SCORE Financing Presentation